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Welcome, Ray Maioli, IUPAT DC 57’s Newest Business Representative!

DC57Admin - November 24, 2021 - 0 comments

Ray Maioli joined DC 57 as a commercial painter in 2011. Prior to finding DC 57, Ray worked as a nonunion painter for many years. After driving past the union hall numerous times, which is only a couple miles from his home, he finally decided to make the move to get himself better benefits, pay, annuity, and a pension plan. He had been serving as the Vice President when Ray found out through the DC 57 newsletter that the union was looking to fill the position of a Business Representative, and applied. 

Ray says that joining the union is the best decision he’s ever made. Not only does he get better benefits and pay, but the security of a pension plan gives him and his family peace of mind. 

Ray says that a good business representative is one who puts the workers first. “Our job is to help them,” he said. “Every job is your job.” His advice to anyone considering a leadership position is to attend the meetings and get as involved as much as you can!

Ray’s favorite part of his job is meeting his fellow brothers and sisters and helping them accomplish whatever they need. Whether that is getting a mortgage or finding a new job, his goal is to ultimately leave them better off than he is.

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